Catalog synchronization issues

Recently we had a production issue, where the catalog synchronization is taking a long time to complete in the production environment.  This is causing our build and deploy times longer than expected in production.

Steps to find the root cause of the issue:

    • Monitor the console logs while performing sync.
    • Look for any errors, whenever the synchronization is going into deadlock mode. Sample error:
    • INFO   | jvm 1    | srvmain | 2018/02/14 10:00:29.240 | ERROR [SyncWorker<00000XYN 1 of 4>] [1x.a.2xx.yy9] (00000XYN) [AbstractItemCopyContext] found ambigous sync timestamps for 153007345655170 and job sync :Staged->Online : expected target 26161923234182978 but found [null]
    • Basically, sync job is looking for a PK(153007345655170 ) in target catalog ( online catalog), but it couldn’t find it.
    • Now that we have PK, go to hac (hybris admin console) and look for PK analyzer ( It is under platform)
    • Enter PK  in PK analyzer-> This will tell you ItemType of the PK.


  • Since this particular product is not available in online catalog, I have removed this item from the staged catalog and re-started the sync.
  • Executed above steps till I deleted all “orphaned” items in the staged catalog.
  • After multiple tries, I was able to complete the sync without any issues.
  • Now bigger question is, how those items got deleted from online catalog..But that is something I will look for..till that time, Happy Syncing!!!

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4 replies

  1. I believe you can delete orphaned items from Catalog.


  2. Can you specify how can you identify orphaned items in a catalog?


  3. we are getting error “The Query Processer ran out of internal resources and could not produce a query plan” and the job gets to fix it.


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