Catalog synchronization issues

Recently we had a production issue, where the catalog synchronization is taking a long time to complete in the production environment.  This is causing our build and deploy times longer than expected in production.

Steps to find the root cause of the issue:

    • Monitor the console logs while performing sync.
    • Look for any errors, whenever the synchronization is going into deadlock mode. Sample error:
    • INFO   | jvm 1    | srvmain | 2018/02/14 10:00:29.240 | ERROR [SyncWorker<00000XYN 1 of 4>] [1x.a.2xx.yy9] (00000XYN) [AbstractItemCopyContext] found ambigous sync timestamps for 153007345655170 and job sync :Staged->Online : expected target 26161923234182978 but found [null]
    • Basically, sync job is looking for a PK(153007345655170 ) in target catalog ( online catalog), but it couldn’t find it.
    • Now that we have PK, go to hac (hybris admin console) and look for PK analyzer ( It is under platform)
    • Enter PK  in PK analyzer-> This will tell you ItemType of the PK.


  • Since this particular product is not available in online catalog, I have removed this item from the staged catalog and re-started the sync.
  • Executed above steps till I deleted all “orphaned” items in the staged catalog.
  • After multiple tries, I was able to complete the sync without any issues.
  • Now bigger question is, how those items got deleted from online catalog..But that is something I will look for..till that time, Happy Syncing!!!

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7 replies

  1. I believe you can delete orphaned items from Catalog.


  2. Can you specify how can you identify orphaned items in a catalog?


  3. we are getting error “The Query Processer ran out of internal resources and could not produce a query plan” and the job gets to fix it.


  4. I am facing the same issue. Products are getting deleted from the online catalog. Were u able to find a fix for it?????


  5. There is ItemSyncTimestamp table, Stage and Online products pk’s will save in that table. While modifying the product data reference object might be missed or while removing and recreating the objects might be old reference object exists in online version.

    Goto that table to search with Souce pk with 153007345655170 and then select and delete that entry and then try it should work.


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